Vintage Video Game Ads from the ’90s (38 Pics)


If you were alive during the 1990s — and by “alive” I mean “aware of your surroundings and not staining your Huggies” — then you were witness to arguably the greatest era of video gaming ever seen. And the game ads were even better.

Sure, today’s games are better looking, more immersive, and technologically superior. But there was something special about the golden days of the NES, Sega Genesis and other systems.

Back then, it wasn’t about frame rates, lighting effects or hyper-realism. It was about beating games, achieving high scores, and showing up your friends.

Nothing tells this story like these classic game ads, which are so dated, cheesy and (in a few cases) borderline racist, that they’re practically art.

Enjoy this trip down gaming’s memory lane, friends. It’ll never be like this again…


90s Video Game Ads 01

90s Video Game Ads 02

90s Video Game Ads 03

90s Video Game Ads 04

90s Video Game Ads 05

90s Video Game Ads 06

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