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Road Rage Driver Ignores Tornado Near His Car


A Florida man is lucky to be alive, after avoiding a tornado thanks to a bout of serious road rage.

His dashcam video captured him speeding into a coming storm, and toward an approaching tornado (which is pretty obvious unless you’re legally blind). But the guy was too busy yelling at the other “COPS” refugees to notice.

tornado, florida, close call, hurricane, road rage, screaming

The irritable driver is seen plowing down a South Florida road earlier this week, aggressively driving around cars, when a perfect funnel cloud appears a few car lengths ahead of him.

On social media, the driver was pretty active. I’m not gonna drop his name (you can find that on your own in his YouTube comment section) but he made some friends pretty quickly.

“If anyone of the nay sayers (sic) have ever driven in S.FL during any storm. you would know it comes down in sheets, roads flood quickly and you have to keep your eyes on the road… Drivers suck in the rain and I Do not care to sit in a Tornado and watch it destroy stuff…”

And, in the understatement of the year, the Southeast Louisiana Storm Spotters YouTube channel threw in their own opinions, commenting on how it’s “extremely stupid” to drive straight into a tornado.

Yeah, he’s stupid. But given the traffic I face in my neck of the woods, I’m not sure I’d act any differently.

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