Metal Fans: All Hail the Grindmother!


Let’s face it, out-of-place people enjoying heavy metal isn’t new to the internet. But The Grindmother is different.

The four-piece is a legitimate band, comprised of three typical metal guys, but fronted by a 67-year old woman.

They’re also pretty decent, as far as these things go.

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I’m a metal fan, myself, so I may not be viewing The Grindmother objectively. But for a woman that regularly worries more about bone density than vocal quality, this is a pretty good debut.

Of course, if you’ve ever spent any time at a rest home, you probably also realize that old women have naturally hardcore voice talents. This one clearly gargles her Windex before using it to clean her plastic sofa covers.

It’s less than two minutes long, so start your day with a jolt of death metal so heavy, it’ll make you shit your drawers … just like the singer does twice daily.

If that got your knee highs in a bundle, check out the rest of The Grindmother debut album, “Age Of Destruction,” available for pre-order right here.

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