Regretful Gaming: VR Duck Hunt and WTF Dick Hunt


Tomorrow, I’m getting in line for an Oculus Rift. Because some guy without a job just posted a 15-second video of VR Duck Hunt, and I’m sold.

Just take a look at this screen cap. Then let us talk a little more, because you’re not quite ready for this much awesome.

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Virtual reality has been promised to us in some form or another for two decades. But tech limitations always seem to take the reality out of virtual reality experiences.

In fact, most gamers have kinda moved on from the idea that we’ll someday live inside our Xboxes, virtually grabbing pixelated asses.

We say, “Fuck it. Let’s just use VR to make shitty games good again.” Exhibit A is below.

Exhibit B is a little different.

Okay, it’s a lot different. In this new experimental title, the player is entered into a Tron-like, 1980s-styled virtual environment.

That is, if Tron had a large amount of pink, flaccid cocks. Welcome to Dickpuncher.

(I really can’t say anything else to make this make sense, so just watch…)

What’s that? Not a gamer? Alright, alright, we get it. You don’t come to Regretful Morning for game stuff. (You go to Furious Fanboys for that.)

But since you’re here, and want to justify the time you spent clicking this link, check out our collection of articles on hot, half-naked gamer girls.

There, we all good now?

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