Man Takes Vertical Piss During Arrest, Police Do NOT Beat Him


I’m new to Regretful Morning. But, in the month since taking over some of the writing duties, I’ve noticed one thing — there’s a LOT of stories about people doing weird piss things.

I mean, really. We’ve covered golden showers at the Golden Gate. And then we got scientific about the health benefits of fresh-squeezed piss.

And we passed on several stories about criminals pissing in dressing rooms, and even flights being diverted because of bladder-control problems.

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Long story short, I was prepared to write an explanation to all of you, apologizing for being number one … for stories about number one.

Then it happened again. It turns out piss isn’t just warm. It’s hot. And today’s video is no exception.

Here, a man is arrested for godonlyknowswhat in the first degree, and he’s taking it pretty badly. So, like any of us, he starts urinating at a 90-degree northward direction, narrowly missing his own face twice.

Let’s laugh like the cops in the video…


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