Snowball Machine Guns Have Arrived


Yesterday, a glorified rat told the world that spring is just around the corner. Which is why the following video should be on your shortlist while winter is still around.

Mark Rober, a pretty popular YouTube guy, has just invented the world’s first automatic snowball weapon. And he wants you to have one, too.

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According to Rober (and backed up pretty well by the video), this device is capable of launching 13 packed snowballs in just under a half-second.

In other words, fast enough to ensure your idiot neighbors’ kids don’t fuck with your UPS deliveries ever again.

(Not that we legally condone that kind of behavior, mind you. But if you happened to do it, record it, and submit it, we would probably post it.)

Anyway, enough talk. The proof is in the rapid-fire pudding. And Rober has proof in spades. See for yourself.

Don’t worry, friends. We won’t leave you hanging. Get your snowball cannon build instructions from Audible now, beat down those kids by tomorrow.


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