Sex Dolls Used as Chinese Company Bonus


Attention single male Chinese tech workers. Rip up those bonus checks. Even though Chinese tech startup Lianlian once handed out year-end bonuses equivalent to six times the average monthly workers’ salaries, the company’s brass took a new approach this year.

Inflatable income, if you will.

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The CEO of Lianlian, Wang Yuzhu decided to distribute sex dolls during the company’s early Chinese New Year celebration.

Based on the images circulating on Asian social media, Yuzhu had some budget cuts for bonuses. Instead of today’s more technologically sound (and anatomically correct) sex dolls, LianLian employees received the classic “pool toy” variety.

But it gets weirder. After handing out the Wang-ettes, the disturbed CEO insisted that a handful of employees demonstrate how to inflate the dolls. Two unfortunate men and women were asked to stand at the front of the room and get the toy ready for work.

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An even more unlucky single man was then asked to lie down and demonstrate how to use the sex doll. Fortunately, he kept his clothes on, or at least he kept them on long enough for someone to take the photo.

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The next time your boss hands you a few hundred bucks, keep this in mind. Especially if you have a girlfriend who looks forward to your annual bonus (and isn’t so open-minded in bed).

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