Banned Super Bowl Strip Club Ad: See It Here!


Scores, the world-famous high-end strip club chain, has produced the latest ad to be banned from airing at the Super Bowl.

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The ad — perfectly tame by most anyone’s standards — was deemed inappropriate because it “doesn’t meet the standards of the NFL.”

The clip shows a group of dancers on stage in their underwear, with guys throwing dollar bills in the air, before a dancer leads the camera into a private VIP room. Though it was banned from appearing during the big game, the spot has seen some air time in several of Scores’ key markets.

Much like pro football itself, NFL advertising has gone through a whitewash in recent years. The league’s guidelines ban ads from establishments “that feature nude or semi-nude performers.”

You also won’t ever see ads for casinos, condoms, boner pills, tobacco, nutritional supplements, firearms and fireworks.

In other words, everything the NFL’s target audience is interested in.

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