Rugby Star Wants to Bone Your Dog, Ruin Your Couch, Kiss Lesbians


Australian rugby star Mitchell Pearce is facing a huge career change after he was filmed simulating a lewd act with a dog at a house party in Sydney.

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The video also shows a drunk, half-naked Pearce trying to kiss a woman and later pissing himself on the host’s couch.

Pearce, 26, had earlier posted photographs on Instagram of him and his team mates heading out for a booze cruise following an early morning training session.

Apparently, it went well. Though he wasn’t welcome for long at the after-party. Here’s why:

This isn’t Pearce’s first run-in with the perv police. A few years back, he was involved in what is now known as the “woman in the yellow dress” scandal, which saw Pearce unceremoniously booted from a Sydney bar.

Michael Vick could not be reached for comment.

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