Deceased Poker Fan Sits in for One Last Game


A deceased Puerto Rican poker fanatic got to go all-in one last time when his embalmed corpse was dressed for a few final hands with his friends.

Henry Rosario Martinez, 31, passed away suddenly last week. But, rather than a traditional service, his family organized for his wake to be centered around one of his favorite pastimes.

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Martinez’ corpse was seated at the poker table, as friends and family posed for pictures with their fallen friend, who was wearing his usual Yankees gear.

Though it seems odd, the staff at Eternal Light Funeral Home in Barceloneta, PR weren’t all that surprised by the request, even saying it wasn’t particularly unusual.

“It’s the first time we did this here, but we take it as something normal, because they have done these things in other parts of the island,” said funeral home owner Jose Mendelez.

Apparently, this is more of “a thing” than we realized.

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Martinez reportedly also enjoyed playing slots, but his friends decided to go with poker to say their final goodbye.

For the record, Martinez finished third, thanks to some lucky flops, and not having an obvious tell.

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