High School Hoops Fans Birth a New Level of Distraction


We’ve seen large cardboard heads. We’ve seen inflatable bang sticks. We’ve seen violent threats from behind the net. But we’ve never seen a distraction like this.

Even better? It came from a group of high school kids who probably couldn’t pull off asking a girl to prom, but somehow manage to orchestrate an elaborate, well-timed distraction from the floor seats.

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You see, these Tony winners in training developed a perfectly timed skit that simulated one male student birthing another in convincing fashion.

There’s no way of telling if this is the reason their opponent missed the shot, but the fans definitely made the news. (Or, at least the weird internet sites like ours that consider this “the news.”)

To the fans of Sheridan High School in Ohio, we salute you. Especially the weird, freaky kid who was trying too hard when he first thought this up.

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