Insect Oil: Coming Soon to Hidden Valley Ranch


“Waiter, there’s a roach in my salad.”

“It’s there for the Omega-3s, pal.”

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Don’t laugh. If you thought it was tough to scarf down a salad before, wait until your better half makes you eat one with insect oil vinaigrette.

Dutch scientists are working on a way to incorporate insect and larvae into high-health cooking and dressing oils, claiming that not only are the insects full of omega-3 fatty acids, but also contain vital, low-fat proteins.

Now I know you’re gagging. But, according to Reuters, this is a real thing.

The Dutch scientists behind this explain that the by-product is already an oil, similar to olive oil that can be used to dress a salad or even use it for frying.

Insects that were used in her experiments are mealworms, roaches, beetle larvae and grasshoppers. Smoothies, anyone?

While processing, researchers noted that most insects have a pleasant or neutral smell except for one: the cockroach, which apparently smells very bad, even after processing.

(Shocking, considering the average roach diet.)

Researchers hope this will become a constant for a sustainable diet.

I’m betting on “no.”

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