Al Sharpton Sets Back Civil Rights on Dr. Martin Luther King Day


Free at last? Not if media hack/professional rioteer Rev. Al Sharpton has anything to say about it.

Now, we know you don’t normally come to Regretful Morning for social and political news. We’ll leave that to the experts. But when someone continually eats so much foot that he farts Nike swooshes, we feel it’s worth a mention.

Why? On one of the most somber days on our annual calendar, the good reverend felt it was appropriate to spit out a racial stereotype during a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

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“A lot of folks don’t believe in public policy,” Sharpton said. “But this is not their holiday. This is Dr. King’s day. This ain’t your birthday. And Dr. King was about public policy. On your birthday we’ll eat chitlins and watermelon and drink some sweet iced tea because that’s what you do.”

Newsflash, Al — one thing has absolutely nothing to do to the other.

Sharpton made the remarks during his annual King Day Public Policy Forum in front of a grand cross-section of NYC’s elected officials and community leaders.

When confronted later about the remark, when it was initially thought that he said “chickens,” Sharpton was quick to correct.

“I didn’t say chicken and watermelons,” Sharpton said. “I said chitlins. You misquoted me.”

Our apologies. Couldn’t hear you with all that wingtip in your gullet.

Sharpton, rally, MLK, King, racism

Sharpton later tried to defuse the racism bomb.

He said he chose those things because he used to eat those foods on his birthday, before his weight loss, and knew many in the crowd also eat those foods.

Stereotyping? Check. And he knew it.

“I’m mocking people who take holidays to eat bad food and play into old stereotypes,” Sharpton added. “I’m mocking them because that’s not what Dr. King was about.”

Never one to miss an opportunity for hypocrisy, Sharpton felt it would have been wrong for a white person to mention chitlins and watermelon in the same way.

“Probably yes, because you’re talking about stereotypes,” Sharpton said. “I’m talking about a debate we got going on about food.”

But he’s wrong. Now we’re all talking about stereotypes AGAIN, thanks to you, Big Al.

Another “win” for a meaningless self-promoter.

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