Matt Mitrione Eye Injury Made Us Nauseous at UFC Fight Night


We have seen some nasty injuries in MMA before. But the eye injury suffered by Matt Mitrione may be the worst in a very long time.

Here’s what he looked like before Travis Browne allegedly gouged his right peeper multiple times.

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But this is all about the “after.”

Mitrione was poked in the eye twice during his fight against Travis Browne for the UFC Fight Night card. Browne said the pokes were inadvertent, but they did plenty of damage regardless, making it extremely difficult for Mitrione to compete.

You’re about to see why. You sure you want this on your screen?

It’s pretty nasty, so put down the chalupa and be ready to look away.

Okay, we warned you…

mitrione, browne, ufc, fight night, boston, eye gouge, eye poke, disgusting, swelling

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s a definite Chris Pratt lookalike thing going on here.

Chris Pratt, UFC, lookalike

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. Want to see another, even more disgusting angle of the injury? Okay…

mitrione, eye, gross, ufc

Mitrione ended up losing by TKO in the third round. But you probably figured that out already.

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