The ONE Thing You Can’t Call Donald Trump


Over the course of his turbulent Presidential campaign, Donald Trump has been called a lot of things …





To his credit, the controversial candidate brushes away these criticisms — however true or untrue they may be — like a mild case of fleas. But last week, during one of his campaign rallies, we finally learned what gets under his skin.

Trump Hates Nickelback


Trump’s campaign team may think the mogul is a political rock star, but they weren’t amused by the so-called supporter’s signage, and quickly sought out the offensive message.

Trump Really Hates Nickelback


Love him or hate him, there’s no questioning that Trump has pretty good taste in music — not only because he removed the Nickelback sign, but also because of how he convinced Twisted Sister to let him use their biggest hit to enhance his campaign.

No word on whether this reaction means The Donald will also build a fence across the Canadian border.


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