The Sexy Tan Lines Of Hot Chicks (36 Pics)


As summer heats up, we’re going to see these more and more. Thank you summer, you are my favorite season. And thank you ladies, keep up the good work.

Jessica Simpson Covers The Boobies Leaving Sawyers Club – Linkiest

Zoe Duchesne Looks Great In Lingerie – G Celeb

Megan Fox Dressed Up As A Naughty School Girl Again – Celeb Jihad

God Wasn’t Fair To One Of These Girls – The Rackup

There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With – Caveman Circus

We Love Mariah Rivera You Should Too – Bro My God

Devon Windsor Is A Head-Turner! – Brosome

Sexy Earth Day Hippies – Gunaxin

In Cleveland They Steal Your Shoes – Tc Mag

5 Billboards With Hilarious Spelling Errors – Double Viking

25 Photos Of Animals Unshamelessly Staring At Your Food – Ned Hardy

5 Tips To Appear More Stylish Than You Really Are – D Marge

Top 10 Best Dressed At CFDA Awards; Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid – The Celebrity Cafe

These Shower Thoughts Will Change The Way You Think – Toasted On The Inside

The Struggling Life Of 90s Kid – Bad Sentinel

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