This Simpsons Have Had Some Funny Signs Over The Years (19 Pics)


Some people viewing this gallery weren’t even born when The Simpsons started airing on December 17, 1989. Here are some more tidbits you might not know!

  • According to a Simpson Family tree designed by Matt Groening, Mr. Burns is a distant relative of Homer.
  • After popular voice actor Phil Hartman was murdered, the various characters he played such as lawyer Lionel Hutz and actor Troy McClure were retired rather than recast. However, they continued to appear silently in crowd scenes.
  • Bart’s hair always consists of 9 points.
  • Homer’s annoyed grunt, “D’oh!,” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, considered to be the ultimate authority on the English language.
  • The animation process takes anywhere from six to nine months for each episode.
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