I-65 In Indiana Closed Because It’s Covered In Sh*t


i-65 shit road

There are many reasons to close an interstate. Bad weather, black ice, and construction to name a few. On Thursday White County residents couldn’t use the I-65 for a different reason – it was covered in two tons of sh*t.

Indiana Department of Transportation’s Debbie Calder said they are not sure what the material is at this time, but she said there seems to be an odor. Calder said she believes it’s possibly hog droppings. Calder said she estimates the load to be about two tons.

i-65 shit road2

Best part of the story? The person responsible is no where to be found.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley told the Associated Press, the vehicle responsible could not be located.

That’s what I call a…wait for it….Shit and run.

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