This Guy Destroyed His House With A Bulldozer Before His Wife Got Her Stuff (1:29)


man bulldozes own home

I love stories like this because it gives me so much wiggle room to f*ck up. Getting so drunk that I sharted on our best duvet seems petty compared to this. Right hun?

A New York man who rented a bulldozer from a local construction company and demolished the house that he lived in with his wife, whose name is on the deed and who did not know about the razing, told NBC 4 New York he did it because it was dilapidated and needed to come down.

The foundation of his Middletown home was crumbling from years of disrepair, 48-year-old James Rhein said Tuesday afternoon, and he tried to get a permit to demolish it himself Monday but couldn’t because the office he needed to visit was closed due to the federal holiday.
“So I took it down, that’s it,” said Rhein, who was arrested Monday in the process of demolishing his home. Police said he was knocking the single-family house to the ground with an excavator and tossing the debris in Dumpsters when they arrived; they said he didn’t try to run and was cooperative.

Rhein’s wife is the legal owner of the home. She was not there when it was razed and police said she had no idea it was happening. Rhein said he tried to call her before beginning the demolition but she didn’t pick up her phone; all items left in the home when it was destroyed were replaceable, he said.

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