Paranormal Conference Visited By Aliens, Idiots


The Probe International Conference in Blackpool England is a gathering of folks interested in all things paranormal. The annual conference hosts 400 visitors from around the globe, none of whom have any reason to pack condoms. But this year, it seems to have attracted visitors from much further away than anticipated.

Hovering above the conference for about an hour was what witnesses are calling a “dome-shaped UFO“, and what I’m calling a “green dot on a shitty photo, you idiot.”

“A UFO! Quick, hand me that milk carton so I can make a camera!”

This is a classic case of Fox Mulder syndrome, the main symptom of which is wanting to believe. The second symptom is being replaced by T1000.

It’s the one person he can’t become

The rationale here is fun: because it’s a paranormal conference, aliens decided to hang out Miles and miles above it and then leave without interacting with anyone in any way whatsoever. I guess they are intelligent beings.

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