Thief Caught Because He Left His DNA Inside A Teddy Bear


teddy bear violated

A 38-year-old man from Darwen, UK is in hot water today after he himself unleashed some hot fluids….Into a teddy bear. A property owner in Darwen saw that her shed had been broken in to and the inside was a total mess. Thinking she had been robbed, she called the police who came to the scene searching for evidence.

Dominic Howells, prosecuting, said the owner of an allotment near Harwood Street found the shed had been broken into and the contents spread all around.

Police did indeed find some evidence. It was plastered inside of a violated Teddy bear laying in the corner of the shed. Police used a sample of the perps load to track him.

Among the wreckage she found the teddy bear. “That was passed to the police and semen found inside came back to this defendant,” said Mr Howells. “He told officers he was coming down off amphetamine and felt overwhelming need for sexual relief.”

It’s funny and kind of awesome that he admitted it. Meth…

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