NYPD Heckles Comedian


When a comedian “gets the light,” it usually refers to the host frantically waving his cell phone to alert the performer that his time is up. This time, however, the light was from the flashlights of 4 NYPD officers who entered the club to arrest an audience member.

The comedian seems shocked that police showed up. Is this, like, a rare occurrence? Maybe it’s just because I perform mostly in Atlantic City, but I’ve seen police storm shows I was at twice just in the past year. As far as hecklers go, they are pretty untouchable due to all of the mace and guns.

“You guys couldn’t have waited?” the comedian, Adam Newman, asks, to which one responding officer coolly replies “obviously not” before another graciously adds “how about you shut the fuck up?”

I think this sums up the self-importance that is felt by every comedian, myself included. Y’know, “Please stop improving public safety so that I can improve my self esteem.” That would have been a much funnier line for the comic to use. Man, it’s sure easy to think of the perfect comeback after the situation is over, and especially if the situation didn’t actually involve you in any way. But hey, there’s always a way to make things about you (like perhaps including yet another link to my own heckler video). Be sure to check out my plugs for all of my social media below.

Matt Pass is a standup comedian screamin’ 187 on a motherfuckin’ heckler. Follow him on Twitter and tumblr.

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