Cute 21-Year-Old Has Surgery To Add a Third Boob So Dudes Stop Hitting On Her


Jasmine Tridevil only wants one thing out of life, her own reality TV show on MTV. In order to get your own TV show, you need to be in the spot light, and one way to get in the spot light is by having a third breast implanted between your already nice breasts. She also wanted dudes to stop hitting on her and she thought implanting a third breast would do the trick. Unfortunately for her, this won’t stop most guys. Sadly, her parents aren’t taking the news too well.

The massage therapist, who recently celebrated her 21st birthday, has now shared dozens of pictures of her new look in custom made bikinis on her Facebook fan page.
And she has proudly declared that she been disowned by her mother and sister, who ran out the room in disgust when they saw what she had done.

And while we fully support Miss Tridevil’s decision in adding a third breast, we should probably let her know that she’ll even get more attention from the opposite sex. Guys have been fapping to three-breasted women since 1990 when the original Total Recall came out – and again in 2012 when the re-make hit theaters.

Bottom line here? Boobs are awesome and it doesn’t matter where you put them. We are living in a SciFi movie, and that movie just got a little better.

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