Florida Man Busted For Fapping At Yoga Class

Joseph Jordan

I came here to do two things. Stretch and fap. I’m almost done stretching.

42-year-old Joseph Jordan is a registered sex offender. That doesn’t stop him from joining a yoga class in cut off jean shorts, admiring some ass, and rubbing one out. Once the instructors figured out what was going on, they gave him the boot and a refund.

yoga class


According to a JSO report five minutes after the class started the instructor, it was Bersinger, looks and sees the suspect with his hands in his pants. The report said he was masturbating and they confronted him, gave him a refund and escorted him out of the building.

He was spotted later in another place he shouldn’t have been.

Joseph Jordan was seen at a women’s bathroom on the campus of the University of North Florida. The school issued a campus wide alert.

Police, who got his information from the Yoga sign up, went to his last known address but found he no longer lives there.  So ladies of UNF, get some pepper spray and a taser, or just take one for the team and give him a handy, a hot pocket, and tell him to gtfo.

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