Arkansas Woman Calls Police On Stuffed Tiger


On September 8th a women called Bryant PD over what she thought was a dead tiger on the side of the road.  She was too frightened to get out of her car though so she couldn’t get a closer look.  Why someone would be afraid of a dead animal is beyond us to speculate upon. But hey why bother taking a closer look, that’s what cops are for right?

The woman called stating that there was a deceased tiger on the side of the roadway on North Service Road. Police say the woman said she would’ve stopped to take photos of the tiger, but she was too scared to approach the large animal.

When officer VanVeelen showed up he realized the dead tiger was actually a stuffed animal. He probably would have been more pissed about the wasting of police resources and tax dollars if the darn thing hadn’t been so adorable.

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