Pornhub to Release Coolio Music



When browsing through categories on your favorite porn site, you may soon find something surprising between “condom” and “copulating”–“Coolio.” Previously I told you about Pornhub’s good deed of planting trees, and now I have the misfortune of informing you that they will now be releasing new music from the 90’s rapper perhaps best known for such hits as “Aw Here It Goes (Kenan and Kel Theme).”

A time when music was pure.

A time when music was pure.

Yes, the only rapper to have ever considered it worthwhile to start beef with “Weird Al” Yankvovic is now considering releases on a porn website to be a good career move. Coolio felt that Yankovic’s parody “Amish Paradise” was desecrating to the rapper’s original “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Now he is hoping people who are trying to jerk off will accidentally click on one of his music videos, because”¦ I dunno, artistic vision? “Weird Al,” on the other hand has the #1 music album in the country with his latest Mandatory Fun. The lesson here is obvious: Don’t fuck with “Weird Al.”


Matt Pass is a standup comedian and writer who can be found on Twitter @mattpasscomedy. The first concert he ever went to was “Weird Al” in Wildwood, NJ during the Touring With Scissors tour and he’s never even considered going to a Coolio concert.

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