Dat Hump Day Hump (15 Pics)


Happy Wednesday aka the day when everyone and their moms post “hump day” ecards on Facebook. While we’re not being too original by posting butts, it’s still better than your FB feed.

Taylor Swift In Cut Off Shorts And A Backless Top – Celeb Jihad
Emmy Rossum Works Out, Hides from Sun – G Celeb

Dumb girl wants to die? – TC Mag
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Inside A Chinese Internet Addiction Boot Camp – Ned Hardy
The Art Of The Hustler – Double Viking

Gorgeous Irina Shayk brings back her sex appeal – Brosome
Girls with tattoos are some hardcore hotties (40 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

40 Beautifully Touching Mother/Daughter Tattoos – Barnorama
Let’s Laugh Together – TOTI

Mirgaeva Galinka: One of the Hottest Girls on Instagram (30 pics) – Radass
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