Laundry Detergent Recalled Over Nazi Connotation



Proctor & Gamble had to recall some of their laundry detergents after consumers mistook the packaging as a reference to Nazis. The soap, Ariel, featured a white shirt with the number 88 written on it, signifying the amount of loads the box of powder could provide. Yet “88” is a common neo-Nazi code meaning “Hail Hitler” (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet). Representatives urge, “It’s white powder, not white power” [citation needed].

The company’s liquid detergent, marketed as Ariel 18, was also recalled, as “18” can mean “Adolf Hitler.”


Pictured: hate crimes.

Pictured: hate crimes.

I think the lesson here is that we should stop using numbers, as crazy people can and will misinterpret them given the opportunity.

Just got a brand new 88-key piano? Let’s hope you’re using it to play music by Richard Wagner, cuz you’re hailing’ Hitler, motherfucker.

Checkin’ out some porn labeled “barely 18?” You’ve got quite the sick fetish there, buddy, cuz that girl is barely Adolf Hitler.

Oh, that's

Oh, that’s”¦ that’s already a thing?

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