Pornhub Plants a Tree for Every 100 Videos Watched

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You can now plant a seed in the earth just by planting your seed into a napkin. Pornhub vowed to plant one tree for every 100 videos watched on their website. Of course, porn has always been eco-friendly, as they go right to the boning instead of wasting precious paper on scripts.

“Shh”¦ I can’t read ;)”

…but there’s a catch. A BIG catch ; ) ; ), as your drunk Aunt Stephanie would say: They only count videos under the “big dick” category. Get it? Like how trees are big wood?

If puns are their game as far as donations go, I’ve got a few other angles they could take:
  • searches for “big cock” benefit the genetic modification of chickens (mmm”¦ KFC).
  • searches for “big dong” fund doorbells that eliminate all the pesky DING from DING-DONG.
  • and searches for “big penis” add to the fund for penile enhancement surgery for average porn viewers like you !!
Searches for "big schlong" give online dictionaries the money to find out what a "schlong" is.

Searches for “big schlong” give online dictionaries the money to find out what a “schlong” is.


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