10 Serial Killers Who Murdered the Most People



When friends, relatives, or neighbors are asked about the serial killer they knew, a common pattern arises. Usually it’s “he/she never seemed strange to me” or “he/she is the last person I would expect to be a killer!”  The reality though, is that serial killers are molded into the people they are with a combination of shitty childhoods and unchecked psychological issues. Now that we have your attention we’re going to run down the top 10 serial killers who murdered the most people.  If funny animals are more your thing, you should probably go here instead.

Gary Rideway


Kill Count: 48

This guy is a real ray of sunshine. Gary worked in a truck factory but moonlighted as a prostitute killing necrophiliac. While he was only convicted of 48 murders, he confessed to over twice that many. Gary would go back and have sex with the corpses, which is what finally got him caught after police discovered his DNA on the dead bodies. He was spared the death penalty because he disclosed where his missing victims were.

Alexander Pichushkin

Alexander Pichushkin

Kill Count: 49

They call this man the chessboard killer. Apparently Alexander was a pretty good kid. Unfortunately he had an accident on a swing set which caused a brain injury. He was sent to live with his grandparents and became obsessed with a game that is grandpa taught him. When Alexander’s grandfather died he went into a rage. He’d often videotape his killings and wasn’t above going after children. One child was dangled from his legs and dropped on his head from a height of over 15 meters.

Anatoly Onoprienko

Anatoly Onoprienko

Kill Count: 52

I don’t want to blame all of these on parenting fails but this story from the Ukraine really makes you wonder. Anatoly was sent to an orphanage while his brother got to stay with the family. Thanks dad.  When he grew up, they found over 122 murder weapons in his possession. He finally admitted to the killings claiming the voices in his head made him do it

Andrei Chikalito


Also known as the Butcher of Rostov

Kill Count: 56

Andrei Chikalito, another man with a rosy childhood, was a serial killer from Russia. At least 52 women and children were sexually assaulted, mutilated and murdered. He confessed to 56 murders, went to trial for 53, and was convicted of 52. He was sentenced to death and executed. During his childhood, he was told of a brother who was kidnapped and eaten by starving neighbors before he was born. Chikalito had a younger sister believed to be conceived when his mother was raped by a German soldier.

Yang Xinhai


Kill Count: 67

Yang Xinhai was from a poor family. He enjoyed sharp tools like knives and axes. He would use this set of preferred tools to slaughter entire families.

Ahmed Suradji


Kill Count: 70

Ahmed Suradji was a serial killer from Indonesia. He was a cattle breeder and wannabe wizard. Forty-two women and young girls were killed by him. They ranged from 11 to 30 years of age. His victims were strangled with a cable, after being buried waist deep in the ground. He then buried the victims in a sugar plantation close to his house. His belief was that burying them facing his house was a source of power. In a statement, he claimed his father told him in a dream to kill 70 females and drink their saliva in order to become a mystic healer. He had three wives who were sisters. They were also arrested for aiding in the murders and hiding of the bodies. Suradji was executed by firing squad.  Finally, justice.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

pedro rodrigues filho

Kill Count: 100

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is another fine example of a stable household. Pedro received a brain injury at the hands of his father who would routinely beat Pedro and his mother. Later in life his girlfriend was killed by a gang. Pedro went on a revenge rampage and tortured and killed the gang members involved. He later killed his father in prison who was there for killing Pedro’s mother with a machete. This guy’s life story makes the chainsaw massacre look like Bambi.

Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez

Lopez was given the title “Monster of the Andes”

Kill Count: 110

Pedro came from a household of 13 brothers and sisters. At the age of eight he was kicked out of his house when his prostitute mom caught him fondling one of his sisters. He was taken by a man who repeatedly sodomized him and later morphed in to one of South America’s most notorious serial killers. Police found the graves of 53 victims in Ecuador which led to his nickname ‘Monster of the Andes’.

Daniel Camargo

Daniel Camargo

Kill Count: 150

It says that Daniel had a distant father who didn’t stick up for him when his abusive stepmother went after him. She’d often dress him up in women’s clothing for humiliation. Daniel was later engaged to a woman who wasn’t a virgin. He agreed to stay with her as long as she helped him find new girls to boink. They obviously got a little carried away.

Luis Garavito

Luis Garavito

Kill Count: 300

While most of the killers in this list went after women and girls, Luis preferred little boys. He admitted to killing and raping 147 boys but his actual number could have been well over 300. The real shock is that he only received a sentence of 30 years. Fortunately this was extended, and will be indefinitely.

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