Parenting Fail: Florida Dad Leaves Child In Strip Club Parking Lot


It’s becoming a trend in Florida for dads to take their kids to strip clubs. In the last year, five men have been arrested for leaving their kids unattended while they watched some boobies bounce. Today we’re gonna take a look at 25-year-old Jordan Caraway, who left his child in a GMC pickup truck at 1 AM before waltzing into Dixies gentleman club.

The boy was spotted by a Dixie’s employee who could clearly see that the boy was in distress. Jordan’s excuse was that he had left the boy with a friend, but the friend he supposedly left the kid with was actually inside the strip club as well.

An employee of the club apparently spotted the child “” streaked with grease and dirt and dressed in filthy clothes “” pressed against the inside window of Caraway’s GMC pickup, “visibly upset and crying hysterically,” according to a police report.

Now I’m not a parent so I can’t tell you if this is good advice or not, but wouldn’t it be better to just order some strippers to your house? This way will ensure that your child gets a full night’s sleep while you get to stare at flailing funbags until your wife gets home. It’s all about compromise man.

Jordan Caraway is in jail at the Volusia County lockup, where he is being held on $500 bond.

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