Jon Lajoie Sticks Up For Miley Like All Men Should


Miley Jon Lajoie

I’m sure everyone has seen the questionable VMA performance by Miley Cyrus.  I don’t really listen to this type of music so I wasn’t a huge fan either way.  But sites like Buzzfeed quickly began slut shaming, which is just stupid.  Jon LaJoie makes a good point.  We want tits and ass all day long, but then when we get it, we complain.    Don’t like that way her ass looks?  Cool, move on.  It’s still probably nicer than the millions of potential girls who won’t post in /r/GoneWild now because they think we’ll make fun of their cottage cheese ass dimples.  But you know what?  Some dudes like pancake asses and crazy crackhead stripper crotch grinding.  So Miley, do what you do girl.  Let that vag fly if you have to.  Someday the world will realize that we need sluts in order to function peacefully.

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