Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Happy Tuesday. This week’s lower back ink is brought to you by an exotic Asian named Jada Cheng. 27-year-old Jada models out of Miami, FL – and was raised in Queens, NY. She stands 5’4, weighs 105 pounds, and measures in at 32-24-34.  My GF can be followed on Twitter @JadaCheng.

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Tami Erin Sex Tape: Pippi Longstocking “Coming Into Your World” – Heavy
My face when I miss the alarm – Funny Animals

Miley Cyrus Proudly Shows Her Gap – Celeb Jihad
Biker Entertains Himself – TC Mag

Kylie Jenner Gets Booksmart at Barnes and Noble – G Celeb
Funny Dinosaur Prank Made in Japan – Izismile

Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes – Caveman Circus
Doggy photobomb – Lulzshirts

Huge lovely boobs – Double Viking
Suelyn Medeiros is a Perfect Ten – Gunaxin

10 Cases of Sexting Gone Terribly Wrong – Linkiest
Naughty Ginta Lapina is a lethal weapon – Brosome

Sleeping with pets – Expectation vs Reality
Five Reasons a December Episode VII Release Makes No Sense – Furious Fanboys

Eva Longoria Sends A Cheeky Invitation To George Clooney – Moe Jackson
Things That Miley Cyrus’ Butt Looks Like – Holy Taco

The World Is A Wonderful Spectacle Of Awesomeness – Ned Hardy
A lucky man – Demotivational Posters

Suzana Irina, topless – The Smoking Jacket

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