Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Hello and welcome to Tramp Stamp Tuesday Episode #242.  Today we’re showing off lower back ink from a young lady named Shawna.  I thought the site name “Shawn’s Slut” gave that away but apparently I was mistaken.  Her boyfriend’s name is Shawn too, and he “makes” her do this site according to her bio.  I could totally write some badass pay site fiction.  She should let me edit her site.  Here’s a sample off the top of my head: “My name is Shawna but my tattoo only says Shawn because they didn’t finish it before a group of cracked out Romanian circus clowns, with elephantiasis of the penis, started robbing the tattoo parlor and killed my tattoo artist.  They took all these pics before we started our glorious gang bang.  My BF was soooooo mad teheheheh!”  See…

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