Graduation Party With Strippers And Gun Shots


redneck stripper

The town of McKeesport, PA has a population of less than 20,000 people, but don’t think for one minute that this Pittsburgh suburb doesn’t know how to party. On Tuesday 200 to 300 people piled into Renzie Park Pavilion for some graduation celebrating.

And nothing makes a bunch of guys under 21 behave better than feeding them alcohol while a flock of cheap strippers take the stage. From here on out it was a frenzy of testosterone induced rough-housing. Park security was not able to get a handle on the situation.

“They’re all screaming and acting crazy,” said Jack O’Neil, the park’s security custodian. “They’re peeling out of here speeding, going 60 miles an hour.”

As if a bunch of drunk chimps running around with boners and keys to vehicles wasn’t bad enough, one man decided he would open fire at the fleeing vehicles. 21-year-old Brandon Murphy had unleashed 12 rounds on a car that then slammed into a gate. They’ve charged him with attempted homicide, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

A short time later, a young man showed up at UPMC McKeesport Hospital with gunshot wounds to the stomach and hands. He was flow by STAT Medivac helicopter to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, but his wounds are not life-threatening.

The adults responsible for buying the alcohol in the strippers are being charged with corrupting the morals of minors.

And that was only a Tuesday…

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