GIF of Anderson Silva Getting KTFO


I never like Anderson Silva, so it’s fun watching the internet rage over the knockout he suffered at the hands of Chris Weidman. If he had just shut the fuck up and fought, he might have won – but instead he decided to showboat which is basically like belittling the other fighter. I said this a few years ago: “If he has time to show off, why not just finish the fight?” It was a tactic. A pretty clever one I will admit, but a solid left hook will reign supreme over head games any day.

I would have liked to see a Silva vs GSP title match, but I’ll take this too.  A bunch of mirrors for the full fight can be found here.

anderson silva knocked out 1

MMA: UFC 162-Silva vs Weidman

anderson silva knocked out 3

MMA: UFC 162-Silva vs Weidman
silva knocked out

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