Angry Ex-Girlfriend Hits Her Former Boyfriend With 4 Stun Gun Shots


crazy girlfriend

If you’re going to date a crazy chick who owns a stun gun, the smartest thing you can do when you break up with her is to move. If you don’t, you might find yourself in a similar situation. 27-year-old Channelle N. Luckett went over to her ex-boyfriend’s home in Chicago, and started banging on the door like an irate baboon. He came to the door, told her he moved on, and said there’s another girl in the house so kindly leave. Ms. Luckett didn’t agree.

She pulled out a stun gun and zapped her ex-boyfriend four times out of an attempted twenty times. Just to give you some perspective: One shot from a stun gun can take down a 260 pound coked out NFL linebacker without a problem. Four shots would likely bring down a black bear.  So let’s take a look at what the judge slapped her with.

Channelle N. Luckett, 27, faces a charge of domestic battery in connection with the attack.
“That one way to get somebody off you,” said Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. Sunday. He ordered her to stay away from the man and gave her a recognizance bond.

I’m glad the judge thinks this is hilarious. It’s pretty sad that America’s favorite mall cop gets fired for using his stun gun on deadbeats, but a crazy ex-girlfriend gets off the hook with some ridiculous recognizance bond.

He knew the risks though. Never stick your dick in crazy.

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