Crazy Gay Roommate Blackmails Dude With Naked Pictures


gay roommate

It’s been at least a week since we posted anything from Florida so here we are, this one shouldn’t disappoint. I think I’m going to start off with a multiple-choice question. Two of the answers will be acceptable. If you choose the wrong answer, the story below will tell you why it was a bad idea.

You’re running low on cash and having trouble paying rent. Do you:

A) Find a part-time job that you can do in the evenings.

B) Sell some of your games or Blu-ray discs on craigslist.

C) Let your gay roommate take naked pictures of you so that he can beat off to images of your penis while you’re out with your girlfriend.

For those of you who chose answer C I’ve got some bad news.

Samuel Otero somehow convinced his straight roommate to strip down and take pics in exchange for rent credit. Unfortunately Sam was heartbroken when his roommate left. He even told his crush that he would kill him and himself if they couldn’t spend the rest of their fabulous lives together. When the roommate, who remains unnamed, ignored the plea, the naked pictures of him mysteriously surfaced. They were plastered all over his coworkers vehicles. One of them was even taped to his grandma’s car. But the icing on the cake was that a copy had been sent to his girlfriend as well. Good luck explaining that one bro.

Otero was arrested Tuesday and later released from the Lake County Jail on $5,500 bond.

I’m not sure which one is worse but I think I’d rather pay $5,500 than having to deal with all of my loved ones knowing that I sold my soul and cornhole for rent money.

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