Are We Already Cyborgs?


cyborg matt damon

Neill Blomkamp’s new movie “Elysium” will be hitting the big screens this August. I’m absolutely stoked because it looks like Matt Damon is going to become a cyborg and jack some fools up. But then I saw Jason Silva’s new video titled “We Are Already Cyborgs” and it got me thinking about the actual definition of Cyborg. Right now we have contact lenses that can make you see better than you normally would. We have prosthetic limbs that are so good that the Olympics had a huge controversy in whether or not they should be allowed. We can strap on exoskeletons and fly over oceans or swim underneath them. And most importantly almost everyone is running around with a smart phone that can transfer your thoughts around the world in less than a second and has the sum of human knowledge just a few thumb clicks away.

So have we already become cyborgs even though it isn’t quite what you had in mind?

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