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Woman Has Online Relationship With Man Who Turns Out To Be Her Ex Husband


fat wow guy

36-year-old Brian Matthew Cornelius might just be the best troll we’ve ever encountered. On July 1st he’s going to have to make a court appearance for what they are calling “stalking,” but we need to call this what it is; “creative trolling” – and once I tell you what happened, I think you’ll agree.

In 2000 Brian married a Minnesota woman and everything seemed to be going great. He even pumped a couple babies into her (which they are now in court over). Unfortunately things got a little rocky in 2011 and the couple got a divorce. A few months later, she met a man online going by the name of Aaron Carpenter. Little did she know, this was actually just Cornelius with a fake profile. Naturally he cropped some pics of a good-looking dude and probably changed his salary to something involving six figures. Here’s where it gets good.

Without having met the man, his ex-wife started confiding in him intimate details about her past. She even went so far as to let him get a peek of her while on her WebCam. She even skipped a court appearance where she was going to ask for protection against her ex-husband, all because her online boyfriend told her to.

Obviously Cornelius is in some hot water now but you have to give credit where credit is due. This was grade A trolling. I might have even taken it a little further. How you ask? First I would find some dick pics online of a penis that was smaller than mine. Then I would send her those and be like “I bet I’m bigger than your ex huh?” Just to see what she’d say. Then one day I might tell her all of my favorite things in life and just rattle off all the stuff she loves, making her fall even more me. Then the next day I would be the polar opposite.  Oh the possibilities.

As fun as this sounds, don’t do this to your ex. I guess it’s illegal.


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