15 of The Sexiest Girls To Pop Up In My Facebook Feed


I see a ton of hotties roll through my Facebook feed everyday, and like a champ, I ‘right click + save as’ that shit before the image gets taken down. It’s cute that you can post pictures of dead babies and it’s fine, but as soon as someone sees a tit they go berserk. Here are 15 of my favorites from last week which have more than likely been banned already.

Justin Bieber Suspected Of Running Over Neighbor’s Dog – Celeb Jihad
Kate Upton is Pissed at Victoria’s Secret About a Certain Photo – Heavy

Sara Jean Underwood in Her Underwear for Gavin Von Karls photoshoot – G Celeb
Inspirational tampons – Lulzshirts

10 Craziest Things that Fans Did for their Idols – Linkiest
Ashley Massaro: Former Diva – Gunaxin

Mother Nukes Her Daughter For Facebook Sluttiness – TC Mag
Tattoo Artists Who Are Not That Talented (31 pics) – Izismile

Deadpool Applies for a Job at Marvel – Furious Fanboys
Taylor Swift Before & After Photo – Moe Jackson

How to Remake Die Hard – Holy Taco

Meanwhile In Walmart (29 Pics) – Caveman Circus
This shadow is having fun – Demotivational Posters

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