Crazy Asian Dude Calls 911 Over 100 Times Claiming CIA Abuse


crazy asian jimmy shao

Jimmy Shao is a Sacramento man who has a few small issues. One of them is his infatuation with dialing 911. Last month he made over 100 calls to emergency dispatchers which ultimately earned him some jail time.

Sacramento Police have a different view of Shao’s calls. They’ve arrested him for falsely reporting emergencies. “It can be very frustrating for a dispatcher. For us, 911 is that lifeline. It’s our number one priority,” said Jena Swafford, 911 dispatch supervisor for the city. “He was told to stop making those calls and to use non-emergency lines and he refused to do so,” said Officer Michele Gigante with Sacramento Police

So I bet you’re asking yourself if he learned his lesson. The answer is no. Since being released from jail, Jimmy has made an additional three calls to 911. But before you write them off as a whack job, let’s hear what he has to say. Shao believes that the CIA is monitoring him via satellite. He claims that they are able to do physical damage to him including pushing on his chest and twisting up his intestines.

Before Jimmy’s ex-wife left him, she made him go see a psychiatrist. Apparently the psychiatrist cleared him and says he’s not mentally ill. So that leaves us asking the million dollar question: is this the worst psychiatrist ever, or is the CIA controlling this Asian dude’s body with top-secret satellites?

“I will keep calling if they don’t stop [physically abusing] me, physically assaulting me. If they don’t do an investigation and stop,” he said.

Crazy or not, you gotta give him credit for sticking to his guns.

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