Guy Gets Busted Trying To Pork A Prostitute…On His Honeymoon



Take a deep breath in through your nose. Do you smell that? It’s wedding season and love is in the air. Unfortunately, not all weddings have a fairytale ending, and a lot of the time they end in divorce. However, things don’t usually get bumpy this early on. Such is the case with 21-year-old Mohammed Ahmed who was staying at the luxurious Omni Hotel in Champions with his new wife. Apparently Mohammed was already tired of throwing the sausage to his old lady. So instead of catching some rays at the 4 1/2 star resort he decided to answer an online ad from a young lady who he thought to be a hooker. As luck would have it, the hooker was actually a cop.

It look’s like the honeymoon is over for Mohammed Ahmed, 21, of Illinois: He was cuffed when he showed up with some pot at the undercover location after answering an ad posted by an undercover detective posing as a hooker. Ahmed and his wife were staying at the Omni Hotel in Champions Gate — while on their honeymoon. When he went AWOL from the hotel his new bride reported him missing to the cops.

Can you imagine how shitty his poor wife must feel? Here she’s been waiting her entire life to take off that veil and finally get a good pounding, and her husband bounces out for some Craigslist skank.

Want to know the funny part though? Out of the 92 people that the cops busted in their little prostitution sting, this wasn’t even close to being the worst. A 45-year-old youth minister showed up to the sting expecting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. If you’re from California and you’re looking for a summer camp for your kids – I suggest you stay away from Holy Cow’s youth ministry. Well – unless your kid is a douche bag and you’re trying to teach them a lesson.

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