Sexy Teacher, Olivia Sprauer, Gets Fired For Bikini Photos


Every once in awhile, I see a teacher so incredibly hot that I almost wish I was back in high school, just so I could be taught by her. In fact, my grades in her class would have been awesome. So what does society do when it comes across a diamond in the rough like miss Sprauer?  She wasn’t given a raise (although she did cause a few), she wasn’t commended for showing young females the importance of staying healthy and fit, in fact she wasn’t even given a pat on the back.

Olivia Sprauer 1

Those assholes at Martin County High School fired her – On national Teachers Day nevertheless!

I have to be honest, at first I was going to be a troll and just use this article as an excuse to post pictures of a hot chick in a bikini, but the more I read up on this, the more the situation truly pissed me off.  First of all, she’s only modeling.  She’s not slurping on flesh rockets or bobbing for ballsacks in a bukkake soaked motel room.  She’s bikini modeling, and there are no laws against that.

Furthermore, she is recently divorced and has stated that this is a good way to bring in extra income to support her two daughters.  But most importantly, I’ve read that she was a pretty good teacher.  In fact, her students were testing at a high level.

Dear Principle Dick Nose at Martin County High School, you fucked up.  Do the right thing and give this fine young teacher her job back. Sincerely, everyone.

For educational purposes and science, we’ll post some more of her pics.

Olivia Sprauer 2

Olivia Sprauer 3

Olivia Sprauer 5

Olivia Sprauer 4

Olivia Sprauer 6

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