Would You Live On Mars?


mars one

In 2011 a company called “Mars One” decided to be ballsy. They were going to boldly go where only probes and rovers had gone before. Mars. A year ago the company did an AMA on Reddit and got absolutely destroyed. I didn’t think that a company whose business model, which consisted of crowd sourced funding and press popularity, would be able to hold up after all of the criticism. But here they are, still going strong.

One thing you need to understand about Reddit is that A) it’s anonymous and B) pessimists and skeptics often resort to the hive mentality. What happens next is almost scary. A 19-year-old part-time grocery bagger part-time community college student who has taken the introduction class to engineering and has read a few Wikipedia articles on rocket propulsion, can start the hive off with a long-winded well punctuated pessimistic comment with a few cheap shots at the company.  Other naysayers will see the opening and pile on. Any constructive rebuttals are now immediately shot down because the hive is working as one.  This could have all been avoided if you could actually see who was making the comment. If you were to see someone with zero work experience and a tiny bit of community college background making aerospace predictions and taking shots at a company backed by noteworthy individuals, you’d probably just chuckle and pat them on the head.  I’m not saying it isn’t a stretch.  But going to the Moon in 69′ was “impossible” and yet here we are.

Back to the point. In three years from now the company wants to begin their voyage to the red planet.  They’re going to start by sending supplies and life habs, and end by sending the crew. Sounds awesome right? There’s only one small problem. If you are planning on using this trip to come home and be a celebrity, you’re shit out of luck. Once you go, you aren’t coming back.

mars one 2

In 2025, they’re going to send another crew.  This crew is also going to stay on Mars.  They will be the first human pioneers.  Think Oregon Trail, only with spaceships.  Thought breaking an axle was bad?  Try busting a life support module.  Here is the latest promo from Mars One.

As much as I want to see space, I think I’m gonna hold off on the application for now.  Call me a pussy but something about being able to breath, and not being cooked by radiation is just appealing to me.

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