Moms Who Masturbate While They Breastfeed?



Next time you’re feeling humiliated because you just rubbed one out to Japanese poop porn, just remember this article. I don’t recommend reading the whole thing because it’s long and has a bunch of boring mommy stuff in it. I can give you the highlights though.

Some chick who likes to get porked a lot eventually has a kid with her husband. Unfortunately, things don’t go too well, and her downstairs plumbing requires about 20 stitches. Still being horny, but not able to get boinked, she turns to clitoral masturbation and notices that her nipples squirt milk when she comes.

Me Gusta

She tells one of her girlfriends who responds by saying “you should try masturbating while breast-feeding it’s great.” I’m sure you can guess what happens next. Then she goes on to say that her infant baby turned her on, and sometimes she would admire his dimpled ass when she was rubbing him down with lotion.

The article finishes off with her telling her husband that she loves her baby more than him. Heh WTF? I should also point out that this is an empowering article which got a lot of positive feedback at the time. I’ll let you be the judge. But before you make up your mind, try reversing the roles and see if it still works.

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