Cute Girls From Social Networks (15 Pics)


Here are a bunch of hot chicks that we found while stalking looking for cuties to post.  And although these young ladies are probably fake, they were still found on social networks.  One time my buddy made a fake profile on MySpace. The pictures he used were of some smoking hot camgirl. Then a few days after my ex-girlfriend /ragequit on our relationship he made a bunch of comments on my wall using her profile”¦ “Dinner was amazing can’t wait to see you again :-)” shit like that. Naturally, the ex read those comments and came over on her lunch break to get naked.  And even though it didn’t work out in the end, it’s fun knowing that a fake profile and some creativity can get you laid.  If there is one thing bitches hate more than a girl with Louis Vuitton, it’s knowing that their ex is banging someone hotter.

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