French Study Shows That Going Braless Is Better For Breasts


no bra

I’ve got some good news for humanity this morning. The Local recently brought light to a French study that was evaluating the effectiveness of bras over the past 15 years.  Prof. Jean-Denis Rouillon says that women should forget everything they know about bras.  He goes on to say that wearing a bra has no positive effect on a woman who is suffering from back pain. In fact, the study indicated that women who didn’t wear bras observed a slight lift in their nipples.

Women should forget everything they’ve been told about bras. According to a new French study, published on Wednesday, wearing a bra does nothing to reduce back pain, and the chest supports actually cause increased breast sagging.

Can I get a fist bump please? If these results go viral it will be a massive win for humanity and not just mankind.  Jiggling boobs have been proven to reverse depression (source: self experience).  And for those of you who are scared that this will only become popular with old hippie chicks, the study has a failsafe for that as well.

The good doctor said “it would be of no benefit to a 45-year-old mother to stop wearing a bra.”  Man this guy really covered his bases didn’t he? I’ll be bold and say this has been one of the most helpful studies in 2013.

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