Tramp Stamp Tuesday


Greetings gang members.  I’ve brought you your tramp stamp but it wasn’t easy to find.  It’s almost like girls are embarrassed to show them off anymore.  Ladies, if you have a lower back tattoo and have somehow become ashamed of it, please come to me.  Just because the word “tramp” is in the title, doesn’t mean they aren’t still sexy.  Flaunt your ink!  Humanity’s boners are counting on you.  In today’s search, I came across a young lady named Jessie-Lynne on Model Mayhem, and I think I dig the look she is going for.  It’s  like gothy meets slutty with a touch of emo and sass.  Jessie-Lynne is 5’2 ft, weighs 100, and sports a D cup.  She’s 25 and models out of Chicago.

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