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How Do The Writers Of Spartacus Come Up With Script Ideas?

Posted March 26th, 2013 at 12:07 pm by

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I have have been watching Spartacus since season one and I’m a bit bummed about how this season is going so far.  I mean, they’ve always got some hot naked orgy or a gruesome battle but you can’t do the same shit every week expecting a ratings spike.  Well, last Friday they really stepped it up.  We saw Spartacus pork the hot Roman chick turned slave, a nasty battle where a few main characters get owned, and Caesar gets ass raped by a teenaged boy.  The writers of this show are swinging for the fucking fences and I’m shamefully enjoying myself in a semi homo erotic kind of way.

Recently, I stumbled across a script brainstorming session over at Starz studios.  Here is the hidden camera footage of concepts flying around in the writer’s room.

Hopefully they’ll be able to keep this momentum all the way into the finale!

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